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Centralised UPS
Centralised UPS

Urban Technology Internet Data Centre (IDC) has two (2) Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) – the UPSs totally isolates the load from the AC mains supply, protecting it from voltage drops, spikes, transients, RFI and frequency variations. In the event of total or partial AC mains power failure the UPS will continue

  • without interruption
  • to provide power to the load from the sealed battery banks. UPS battery cells can be replaced without any disruption to our servers.

The UPS is maintained and tested by external specialists.

The power supply system automatically checks for the cleanest power supply before deciding whether to opt for mains, UPS or generator.

Auto-start Generators

The IDC facility has two (2) standby diesel generators permanently on site ready to automatically engage in the event of an interruption to the IDC mains power supply.

Each generator is dedicated to servicing one of the power feeds into the building. For example the 500kVA Pramac (pictured right) is the backup generator to the primary ‘A’ feed. We have a 150kVA generator servicing the ‘B’ feed. The generators are regularly maintained and tested by external specialists.

Dual Transformer Power Feeds

Urban Technology also has two electricity mains feeds into its Data Centre, sourced from two separate transformers in the local power grid. Both feeds are 3 phase.

The primary feed – rated at 700 amps off our dedicated transformer - enters from one end of the building while the 300 amp secondary feed – that comes off the common public transformer -enters at the other end of the building.

Under-floor Air-Conditioning

The data centre cooling system features humidity controlled High Velocity Air Conditioning (HVAC) based on 2 fully redundant externally situated process water cooler systems. The air is circulated via the raised floor system in the colocation areas for maximum effectiveness in keeping your servers at the optimal temperature (i.e. 20º C + or - 3º).

Humidity is maintained at 65%, as per best practice. The air-conditioning system is regularly maintained and tested by external specialists.


Urban Technology is serviced by 3 independent fibre connections through diverse providers: Vector Communications (1Gbps circuit) Telecom New Zealand (155mbps circuit) and TelstraClear (155mbps circuit). These three circuits connect the data centre to the backbone of the internet and to our connectivity customers. These connections are in addition to copper capacity from both TCNZ and TCL, providing full Telco diversity through redundant entry ducts to the building. (i.e. Separate entry points to the building).

Multi-homing (Bandwidth Redundancy)

Multi-homing is where an ISP uses two or more upstream bandwidth providers. In Urban Technology's case our bandwidth is sourced through three separate upstream suppliers to provide the highest level of bandwidth redundancy available in NZ.

By comparison, some of our competitors are totally dependent on only one upstream provider. For added redundancy and security of service, we are load-balanced across the three upstream providers. We also have an ATM primary and ethernet secondary circuit between our network and two of these upstream providers for additional redundancy.

Multi-homing is extremely important because from time-to-time an upstream provider will have either a total outage or a problem that will affect its ability to supply adequate bandwidth to its downstream ISP customers. However multihoming means that if one of our suppliers has an outage, we have 2 other suppliers able to provide continuity of bandwidth supply. We also maintain bandwidth headroom over and above the maximum customer utilisation of our bandwidth to avoid congestion in our network.

Bandwidth Diversity

The diversity of our bandwidth supply provides another major benefit to Urban Technology customers. It provides us with direct paths into Hong Kong and Los Angeles which means fast, low latency (i.e. reduced lag) connections for our customers to Asia and the USA.

Network Configuration

Urban Technology provides redundancy throughout our IP network, and multiple routes between internal routers so the network is very reliable. Our data centre has the type of layout and configuration that you would expect to find in an advanced internet data centre (IDC) facility, with separate communications, colocation, UPS and diesel generator rooms

Physical Building

The colocation rooms have concrete floors and ceilings in line with best practice.

Fire Detection

The data centre has a Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) fire detection system with three-stage alarm including direct connection to the Fire Brigade providing early warning of any fire risks. The fire station is less than a km from our facility. Manually operated fire suppression systems are readily available in all key areas of the facility.

Rittal Cabinets

All colocated servers are housed in top-of-the-range, lockable and individually-keyed Rittal TS series cabinets, providing excellent physical security. These cabinets have convenient front and rear access, and moveable internal rails. Half rack (21RU) and full rack (47RU) options are available along with 24x7 client access (Note: access conditions apply). All cabinets are seismically secured to the concrete floors.