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Questions and Answers

What is E-Mail Hosting?

Achieve a professional business presence by creating unique e-mail addresses customized for your business. You will have instant control over the setup of all your email mail accounts with the ability to choose any names and passwords you like.

Your email will be accessible any where in the world via the Internet.

Am I able to access my e-mail from anywhere in the world?

Yes. All our plans comes with web based email which gives you the ability to check your email anywhere on the internet.

Do you scan e-mail for viruses?

Your email will be scanned for all known viruses before delivery to your inbox. Customers may also turn on spam filtering in their control panels, which also offers advanced filtering options, such as deleting all spam, moving all spam to a spambox account, tagging spam with a subject line rewrite and many more options.

How much space can I use for email and databases?

The allocated disk space for your account (see our Hosting Plans for details) is shared amongst all the features used, including MySQL databases, POP/IMAP email boxes, CGI scripts, PHP etc. A disk usage tool in the control panel allows you track exactly where the space is being used.

How do I add new email accounts/forwarders or hosting features to my account?

You can add email accounts/forwarders and other hosting features (such as shopping cart, MySQL databases, parked domains etc) via your control panel.

How long does it take to set additional features up?

Features are added from CPanel in real time and become active instantly.

How do I create, modify and delete e-mail accounts?

You can create, modify and delete mail accounts, forwards, autoresponders, filters and mailing lists in realtime from within the control panel. You can log into your control panel at: http://yourdomain/cpanel/

Is there a way I can check my webmail directly without having to log into CPanel first?

Yes, you can log in directly using the full email address you would like to check by entering the URL, Your webmail can be accessed securely using the URL,